The Ultimate Stock Money Management Calculator

Tired of Losing in the Stock Market? Use our Simple Money Management Calculator to Reduce Risk and Minimize Losses....
Never be Unprepared Again!

Determines your position size and learn exactly how many shares you should buy based on your account size and risk tolerance.

Calculate your reward to risk multiple. Know exactly whether you should be entering a trade or not based on potential reward.

Lock in Profits and calculate your trailing stop loss.  Adjust as needed your trailing stop as needed quickly and easily .

Plus... Determine your profit target using my “Extreme Profit Rule” that picks the top of market moves with incredible accuracy.

Keep track of all your trades with the trading journal and easily record profit and loss. Includes HD video tutorials

Dave Gagne
Founder & CEO, Dynamic Wealth &

When I need to plan my trades this is my “go-to” tool. I guarantee you’ll reduce your risk and never be unprepared again. Download it and use it… It works!