June 2014 Update: “Brand New Members Area”!

Whew… It has been a tough journey the past month but the site is now functional and ready to move forward. I won’t get into the many headaches and issues that popped up but suffice to say it felt like I was playing “whack-a-mole” with one problem showing up after another.

We have completed a basic site re-design on marketinsidersclub.com. In the coming weeks more changes will continue as this site becomes our Free Trading and Investing portal. Feel free to send us a note with your comments and what you would like to see on the site.

Now, the important part “Where’s my content gone?”

Don’t worry it’s still here and your login credentials will still work. The old system was causing site crashes (I’m sure you noticed…sorry about that) As a temporary solution we installed a new membership script and migrated all old users over to the new system. There were some members who we were unable to move over. If you find you’re unable to login please contact support immediately and someone will get you setup in the new site.

But… eventually the old product pages will be removed which leads me to:

The Brand new members area!my-mic-login

The new members site is located here:


We have made an effort to migrate your existing login data into the new portal. Your current login username and password SHOULD work. If your login credentials do not work please contact support and someone will get you setup in the new site ASAP

Contact support here   

Please include any purchase information that you can so we can find you in the database easier.

The new site is new and snazzy and this is just the beginning. With your help I plan to make Market Insiders Club the premier community for like-minded traders and investors. tmp-home


The look and feel have been re-designed but the format and pages are the same. The products are located under the “Your Products” menu tab the same as before.

If you’re missing a product or if you find missing pages or links please let us know and someone will make the necessary changes.

Thank you for all the feedback and I sincerely appreciate your patience during this process. You are the best and I can’t wait to start moving you towards your financial goals.

All the best,

Dave Gagne

Author Trading Master Plan



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